Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Affordable Ideas to Create the Ultimate Home Dojo

by Charlene

If your child has been doing martial arts for any length of time, you already know how valuable it is for their physical and mental well being. That’s why parents are worried about their children missing out on classes while we’re going through the COVID-19 pandemic. If your child is waiting for their dojo to reopen or you’re hesitant for them to attend classes, the obvious solution is to set up a martial arts space in your own home! Naturally, a home martial arts space won’t replace in-person instruction, but it will help them stay sharp. Of course, we know that parents have to be cost-conscious with your spending, which is why we have kept your budget in mind while putting these tips together.

Can you really set up a martial arts space on a budget?

*Shop around to find the right floor mats that fit your budget.

*This DIY wall mirror is cheap to make and is a great tool for self-correction.

*Choosing quality equipment is important for safety and your budget.

*Get estimates for affordable rubber flooring.

*Make sure you know a store’s return policy and that you’re shopping safely during the COVID- 19 pandemic.

*Look for ways to keep your home dojo ventilated, especially during warmer months. *Last but not least, a budget-minded martial arts space can help increase the overall value of your property should you decide to sell.

Want to help your child be their best?

*Set a practice schedule and make sure each session is the right amount of time.

*Use positive body language and supportive statements to help your child stay motivated. 

*Help your child set goals, then give a small reward for achievements.

*You can find family-friendly martial arts movies on your favorite streaming services for an affordable way to encourage your child’s interest.

These educational YouTube channels include awesome ideas for physical fitness.

Make sure your child cleans and disinfects equipment after working out.

Contact instructor Phillip Starr at Yiliquan Kung-Fu for expert advice and training.

With the right space and resources, you can create a home dojo for your family. And with smart shopping and online deals, setting up this space doesn’t have to be expensive. Not to mention, you’re giving your child the tools they need for an effective home practice — and this will serve them long after the pandemic is over.

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