Tuesday, December 13, 2016


This collection of books contains a wealth of information and they make GREAT STOCKING STUFFERS for the martial artist in your life, or just for yourself!! Make this Christmas extra-special!!!

THE MAKING OF A BUTTERFLY: A collection of anecdotes involving my teacher, me, and some of my classmates. There's a very valuable lesson in each story, too.

MARTIAL MECHANICS: How to use principles of physics and kinesiology (how the human body works) to maximize power and speed in your technique! It's the only book of its kind on the market!!

MARTIAL MANEUVERS: Fighting tactics, principles, and training methods that will help you to improve your fighting and sparring skills!!!

HIDDEN HANDS: Learn how to “read” your forms, how to extract the information they contain! If you REALLY want to understand your karate, taekwondo, or kung-fu system, this book is a must!

DEVELOPING JIN: The principles and training methods of “silk-reeling power” explained in clear, down-to-earth English. If you practice an “internal” martial art, you need this book! Without “jin”, internal arts become little more than fancy forms of streetfighting. WITH “jin, they become explosively powerful!

These books are all available at and at fine bookstores.

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